Anti-aging doctor: a tool in the fight against aging

Anti-aging doctor: a tool in the fight against aging


If you visit Anti Aging more often, you probably know that I have a healthy interest in the topic of ‘anti-aging’. In this context, I was recently consulted by the anti-aging doctor Ernst-Jan van Gellicum from The Hague. Want to know exactly what an anti-aging doctor can do for you and how my visit went? Then read on quickly.

The influence of hormones

Maybe you, like me, are addicted to anti-wrinkle creams and serums. But did you know that your hormones in particular have a major influence on the development of wrinkles and overall aging? They not only determine your skin condition, but also fertility, fat burning and the structure of your bones, just to name a few important examples. Influential substances, those hormones! For example, a low level of the hormone testosterone causes a lack of energy, a bad mood, a low libido and a difficult recovery of the body. And a deficiency of growth hormone causes sagging skin and lines. And the older you get, you guessed it, the lower your hormone levels get. PS: don’t think that this only applies to very old berries, because in most women the hormone levels start to decrease after the age of 35. Yak……

Anti-aging doctor

But don’t worry, something can be done about it with the help of a good anti-aging doctor. An anti-aging doctor is a doctor who is completely dedicated to slowing down and sometimes even reversing aging processes in the body. He or she will first determine the hormone levels in your body by means of blood tests and thus reveal any imbalance. An action plan can then be made to bring the hormones back into line, for example by adjusting diet, taking supplements, but also by taking hormones. Menopausal symptoms can be greatly reduced, for example, by supplementing estradiol and progesterone. This also has a positive effect on collagen formation in the skeleton, blood vessels and last but not least the skin.

Restore Hormone Balance

Maybe taking hormones sounds a bit exciting to you and I get that. That is why it is very important that you consult a good anti-aging doctor, who will then guide you properly. In any case, ask about his experience and specific training. It is also important that your body’s own hormones are prescribed, if your hormone balance is not in order. The body’s own hormones are identical to the hormones that your body produces itself and are the safest hormones. And only do things that make you feel good. You are of course not obliged to take hormones if it turns out that your hormone levels are no longer optimal. Alternatively, the anti-aging doctor may be able to give you guidelines for adjusting your diet, exercise pattern and intake of specific supplements to get your disruptive hormones back in line.

My anti-aging consultation

After being made curious by a friend, I paid a visit last month to the specialized anti-aging doctor Ernst-Jan van Gellicum from Primelab. After the introductory meeting, he first had me fill in an extensive questionnaire, followed by blood tests. And I was quite surprised what came out of the investigation.

Blood test result

Vitamin D level too low

It turned out that I had too low a level of vitamin D. Vitamin D, for example, is very important for maintaining strong bones and for a well-functioning immune system. I really never expected that I would have a deficiency of this vitamin, because here in the south of France the sun shows itself quite often. Anyway, the blood test really showed it, so we are going to boost the vitamin D level in the near future by taking supplements.

Testosterone may be higher

It was also surprising to me that my testosterone is on the low side. I am quite strong and then you do not realize that this hormone is not doing as well in your body. On the advice of doctor Van Gellicum, I am now going to take the supplement Acetyl-l-carnitine, a supplement that is positive for the production of testosterone (note: if your testosterone is really low, only lubricating a testosterone gel will work). . And so there were a number of gaps in my blood test, for which the doctor prescribed something.

Luckily my growth hormone level is good

Besides things that were not good, the blood test also showed a number of values ​​that were in perfect order. Nice boosts were my excellent kidney and liver function, which came out as the best in the test. And my growth hormone (read: the anti-wrinkle king), turned out to be completely ok. Pffffff….. happy :-). On the one hand, these are favorable genes, as Dr. Van Gellicum explained to me, but on the other hand, this probably also has to do with my healthy lifestyle (lots of vegetables, little red meat, no smoking, little sugar). Look, that makes us happy of course!


All super interesting, such tailor-made anti-aging advice for maintaining your overall condition and looks! It seems to me to be a great addition to everything I already do in this area. I will therefore obediently start with the advice of the doctor and have my blood tested again in 6 months, so that we can see if it helps a bit. Because who doesn’t want to stay young inside and out?

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