Anti-aging: can we reshape the face with lasers?

Anti-aging: can we reshape the face with lasers?

Presented at the IMCAS 2015 international congress (International master course on aging skin), which was held in Paris in January 2015, two new treatments using laser promise to sculpt the face, without scalpel, without eviction and without significant side effects. .

The principle of these resculpting lasers?

Known and already used, the principle of these lasers is based on heat emission. They heat the dermis enough to contract the collagen fibers and densify the skin without burning it.“For this, the remodeling lasers have a fractional system, which acts in dotted lines on the skin, which allows a progressive treatment, without pain and without heavy follow-up”, says Dr. Michael Naouri, dermatologist and secretary of the laser group of the French Society of Dermatology.

The two new protocols go further since they not only treat sagging skin on the surface of the skin: they also target it from within.

What do these new treatments add?

  • “The great novelty of treatment called “Fotona 4D”, it is the application of a non-ablative fractional laser (Erbium Yag) inside the oral cavity. Thanks to a unique cooling system, it heats the water in the tissues without burning the mucous membranes », continues Dr. Catherine Navarro, aesthetic doctor. By rising from 45 to 60°C, it stimulates the production of collagen around the mouth, up to the nasolabial folds, passing through the cheeks and the entire lower part of the face, but from the inside. According to Dr. Naouri, “60°C is the minimum threshold for remodeling. »
  • The second novelty bears the name of microlaser. Used only by plastic surgeons, this invasive laser is positioned as an alternative to facelift to correct dark circles and the contour of the face. “It is a laser whose optical fiber, as thin as a needle, is introduced into the skin”, says Dr. Daniel Cassuto, plastic surgeon. The fibre, which also heats up from 45 to 60°C, causes the collagen fibers to retract and, under the effect of the heat, it weakens the fat cells which will then be emptied of their fat.

Who are the Fotona 4D and the microlaser aimed at?

In both cases, these lasers are intended for women with loose facial skinbut still dense and toned.

  • The first treatment, Fotona 4D, has an overall rejuvenating effect, without affecting fat or volume.
  • The second, the microlaser, targets small unsightly pockets of fat, a facial contour that begins to suffer from the effect of gravity or a chin that thickens.
  • The Fotona 4D treatment takes place in the doctor’s office and in four steps: after the passage of the Erbium Yag laser inside the mouth (the cannula of the size of a pencil does not touch the skin and sweeps all the interior), three superficial passages stimulate the dermis in a way classic.
  • The microlaser is performed in the operating room. The surgeon applies a light local anesthesia before incising and then introducing the ultra-thin optical fiber. Subsequently, Dr. Cassuto applies a fractional laser with a scanner-type tip, which allows him to scan the entire face for a double tightening effect. We go home after two or three hours.

What are the results ?

The heat stimulates the fibroblasts which go secrete “brand new” collagen, which allows the skin to become denser. This phenomenon occurs in one to six months, the time for the collagen fibers to renew themselves. We will therefore see the results in an evolutionary way.

If your skin is too wrinkled, too relaxed, or damaged by the sun, you will observe an improvement in its quality with a plumping effect, but the new collagen will not be able to sustain significant relaxation.

It’s risky ?

  • The 4D treatment causes a heating that is calmed with a simple moisturizing cream. It leaves no scars or scabs.
  • The microlaser, used in the context of an operating room, causes bruising, which generally resolves after 15 days.

These still very recent protocols are nevertheless practiced with lasers widely used in medical practice andt which have CE (Europe) and FDA (United States) marking, a guarantee of safety.

“As for the microlaser, the risk of burning with a scar on the eyelid area which is very fragile is not negligible”, notes Dr. Naouri.

This is why you have to choose your practitioner carefully, preferably with specific university training in the laser and continuous updating of your knowledge, as technical progress is very rapid.

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