Annemarie van Rosmalen: the anti-wrinkle specialist

Annemarie van Rosmalen: the anti-wrinkle specialist

Annemarie van Rosmalen is a cosmetic doctor with his own cosmetic clinic in Rotterdam. This beauty doctor deals with making people more beautiful every day and is a really nice woman. Enough reason to get to know us better!

What exactly do you do for work?

I am Annemarie van Rosmalen, graduated from Erasmus University Rotterdam and working as a cosmetic doctor in my own clinic, the Van Rosmalen clinic. In my profession I treat men and women who prefer not to look in the mirror anymore. Cosmetic treatments make people feel just a little more beautiful, more confident and happier. I always say: “it makes you a more beautiful version of yourself”. Aging is part of life. Of course you can’t stop the aging process, but you can slow it down. Especially if you start treatment fairly young. Aging changes the face shape and wrinkles, pigment spots and irregularities appear in the skin. We treat this in the clinic with injectables, laser, peelings and micro-needling.

Why did you become a cosmetic doctor?

During my studies I soon knew that I wanted to go in this direction, but the profession of cosmetic doctor was much less accepted then than it is now. The profession has become more and more professional in recent years through, among other things, the training and the quality mark. We fought hard for this with the board of the NVCG (Dutch Association of Cosmetic Medicine) and all the members. I think it’s fantastic and special that by performing relatively small interventions for my clients I can make a big difference so that people like to look in the mirror again and feel happier. Clients often tell me that I am a sculptor and that is somewhat true.

Who are Annemarie van Rosmalen’s customers?

That is a rich mix of people, from school teachers to directors, entrepreneurs, models and mothers. Well-known people and unknown people, everyone is gradually finding their way to cosmetic medicine. The largest group of my clients is between 35-55 years old. About 10% of my clients are men.

Which treatments do you perform most on women between the ages of 35 and 50?

The first thing you often notice are the eyes. A tired look can make you look angry or grumpy. And I can treat my clients well for that. If you come for advice at 35, I can really make the difference for you and make sure that you don’t seem to age faster until you are 50. This is often a combination of lifestyle advice and treatments. If people arrive on time there is not much rush, so it can be built up slowly and can also prevent the formation of much darker circles. If wrinkles have already become scars or the skin has become too thin and weak, I can achieve less and less good results.

What are the costs of the treatments?

Cosmetic treatments have the stigma of being expensive and only available to the lucky few. That is not correct. If you can spend 100 euros per month for three years, you have a very good basis. The result remains visible for longer, which means that the aging is much slower. It’s also a misconception that once you start it, you’re stuck with it forever. That too is incorrect. For example, for 120 euros per month you can treat a frown, so that you do not look unnecessarily angry, a laser or peeling with which you give the skin an even color, have a wrinkle filled or treat a dark circle.

Do these treatments hurt and when will you be presentable again?

Most treatments don’t hurt, but I always take a lot of time to pay extra attention to pain relief. With most treatments you can go straight back on the street. For example, with some treatments you will see red scabs develop over a number of days. They disappear after a few days.

Do you let yourself do something?

At one point I also heard: “you look so tired”. And then thought: I’m going to do something about it. So I got my sunken cheeks stuffed. Botox in my forehead and frown and let the wrinkles above my lip fill in. I also do laser treatments and peels because beautiful skin is a jewel for your appearance.

What alternatives are there for ladies who find injections too scary?

I advise my clients, who still want to do something, but find injectables just a step too far, to first go to a skin therapist. She can already make the skin more beautiful and tighter with peelings and laser IPL. But the importance of good information is great, because they are degradable biological materials that we work with. These have disappeared from the body over time. That often takes away all the fear. The examples of my clients who have been treated and who speak openly about this are also important, because then you see that I never overtreat but always go for a natural result. And as one of my clients recently said, “Everyone says I look good. And when I tell them what I have had them done, the response is invariably: “oh, but you can’t see that”. And that is totally my intention!

How do you know if a clinic is good?

The market for cosmetic treatments is a growth market and that also attracts fortune seekers, doctors who do some extra jobs but have little experience with cosmetic treatments because they work in a different specialism. That is why it is of the utmost importance to choose a clinic that has a quality mark from the NVCG because that means that you choose a certified doctor. I am a member of the NVCG professional association and I also carry their quality mark in my practice. Cosmetic medicine may become a recognized profession in the future. The KNMG will make a decision on this shortly. We fought for this for a long time and with the help of a subsidy from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, we are currently launching a second pilot of the cosmetic medicine course. In this way we professionalize our profession one step further.

Thank you for the useful tips, Annemarie van Rosmalen

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