Alliance Pornic Resort Hotel Thalasso & Spa

Alliance Pornic Resort Hotel Thalasso & Spa

A new marine immuno cure to strengthen our immune defenses

We knew that thalassotherapy was good for our bodies by stimulating our vital energy. With this new cure even more oriented towards advanced regeneration, the Thalasso of Pornic gives us keys to better fight against winter and to properly prepare our body to react against external aggressions.


The combination of seaweed-rich marine treatments, supplementation with Quinton Serum vials, a Bio Detox – Marine diet that includes a seaweed-based recipe at each meal, will allow you to fully experience the feeling of well-being. -being and strengthening your immune defences.

This cure is articulated around 33 treatments provided in 6 days with a medical follow-up including an Oligoscan session, a dietary consultation and an in-depth medical visit.

You can also opt for an analysis of the intestinal microbiota based on DNA, Gniom Check. Thanks to a study of the intestinal flora, it makes it possible to detect the points essential to health and well-being: balance of intestinal bacteria, indicator of inflammation and constipation, integrity of the intestinal mucosa, vitamins, immune system, propensity to develop intolerances, type of microbiota, tendency to gain weight, diet and digestion, emotional balance and sleep.

The little extra of this new cure? Quinton Serum vials are made from sea water drawn from 30 meters deep off the Spanish coast.


Source Beach 44210 Pornic Tel. : 02 40 82 21 21

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