Adapt your cosmetic care to facilitate procedures

Adapt your cosmetic care to facilitate procedures

By Virginie Couturaud

If the aesthetic acts make it possible to obtain an almost immediate result of embellishment, the association of an adapted beauty routine at home optimizes the effects. These care gestures are essential for the skin to remain beautiful for as long as possible.

The ecobiological approach Esthederm Institute is very complementary to aesthetic acts. It allows to place the skin in the best disposition, in order to potentiate the benefits of the act. The products are developed to protect, strengthen the skin’s ecosystem, regulate and relaunch its natural mechanisms.

If aesthetic procedures stimulate the skin, skincare products rebalance it, reinforce its hydration, fill it with essential vital elements for faster regeneration. The skin defends itself better against the various attacks and thus fully benefits from the results of the procedure.

At Institut Esthedermall treatments are formulated with Cellular Water.

Inspired by the physiological water of cells, this patented water is defined by its pH, its oxidation-reduction potential and its concentration of mineral salts. skin cells bathe in an environment optimized for their proper functioning. The Cellular Water mist is a true ally of life, in the same way that an organism cannot survive without water.

The Institute Intensive line ESTHEDERM brings together 7 ranges of products with a specific molecule to treat specific problems, intensely, in cure.

Formulated with reference molecules in aesthetic medicine (hyaluronic acid, retinol, vitamin C, spirulina, propolis, vitamin E and AHA), they are real complements to aesthetic procedures that optimize them and prolong their effects.

A good preparation of the skin before the aesthetic act (and for any application of cosmetic products) will combine gentle cleansing with the Osmoclean line and the Cellular Water mist morning and evening. Similarly, before the aesthetic act, the use of the serum Intensive Hyaluronic is a care base that is suitable for all skin types, whatever the aesthetic procedure. The first anti-aging treatment is hydration! (the second, antioxidants). Dehydrated skin cannot function properly or defend itself. Boosted in natural elements, the skin resists better to the disturbance caused by the aesthetic act: its recovery time is all the shorter as the preparation is specific.

Right after the act, use and abuse the haze ofCellular Water : the repair is only faster! After the act, apply the Intensive Hyaluronic serum: morning and evening if the skin is damaged, as many times as necessary if the skin is not damaged. For 1 month, the ideal is to continue with Intensive Hyaluronic Serum to be combined or not with the Intensive Hyaluronic cream depending on the skin’s needs. For sensitive skin it is best to use Vitamin E2 Intensive Serumantioxidant and soothing, specially formulated to meet the needs of skin prone to redness and irritation.

Depending on the superficial effects of the act on the skin, it is necessary to use sunscreen to prevent hyperpigmentation. Very high protection is essential if you spend time in the sun: NO SUN for fans of mineral or Photoreverseboth sunscreen and brightener for skin prone to pigment spots.

One month after the aesthetic act, a targeted beauty routine allows the skin to continue “on its momentum”! Stimulated, reinforced, protected, it is important that she does not get tired and benefits cellular functioning optimum. Beyond cleaning and the essential mist water Cellularthe Intensive care line responds specifically to each skin problem: hydration, sensitivity, radiance, spots, smoothing, fatigue or imperfections.

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