A smart health connected sports bra from Millesia


Millesia, the French designer of female lingerie launches its first sports outfit and more specifically its smart health connected sports bra. An article which remains in the refined and elegant style of the brand and which brings novelty to society.

Be beautiful in sportswear

Since 1994, the French manufacturer Millesia innovates and offers its customers luxury articles thanks in particular to elegant and pleasant materials. Attention to detail and comfort have made the reputation of this lingerie designer.

Always ready to innovate, the Millesia brand is now launching into a range of smart health connected clothing: smart health connected bras. To stay within its values ​​and principles, the brand has chosen a bra with perfect finishes who in addition to support our body in efforts, also allows to keep all its femininity.

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This bra is therefore intended for women wishing Practice sports for stay in shape and stay in shape. It's a modern and high-end product which fits perfectly into the lingerie collections that Millesia offers. The bra is very aesthetic and remains comfortable and fully adaptable to the practice of sport.

A smart health connected bra to stay in trend

This bra can be purchased alone or with a housing specially designed for sporty women. This box is fixed with the snaps placed on the bra. It has a hydration, posture sensor and also allows measure stride and speed while jogging. All the data collected is then transmitted to a smartphone, Android or Iphone, using an application.

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With the assistance of the box and the application it is thus possible to have tips for keeping fit or get a finer size, all from a perspective of welfare. This mechanism is intended to be a real companion, it offers us lots of advice during our sports sessions. Thanks to him, it is possible to know our bad sports habits and correct them.

Regarding the sale of the bra and the housing, they should see the light of day in December 2020 or early 2020. The price of the bra was set at 100 € As for the price of the case, it has not yet been disclosed, but it will take more than € 100 to afford it.

There will be no more excuses to get into sport!


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