9 actions to stay young for a long time, validated by science

9 actions to stay young for a long time, validated by science

This dream of immortality is eternally present in the minds of humans. Ayurvedic medicine already taught, 5000 years ago, dietary, phytotherapeutic and behavioral principles to stay young longer and in good health.

Here are some major lines of research in recent years, which have shown positive results on longevity, for example on mice that have sometimes been rejuvenated. Some actions are so simple that it is difficult to believe in them and to apply them. And yet…

Take antioxidants: yes, but not too much

There was a craze for all-purpose antioxidant capsules when it was discovered that oxidation in our bodies was one of the main factors linked to aging. Chronic oxidation can effectively accelerate aging and promote age-related diseases (especially in the state of oxidative stress). On the other hand, we now know that it is not necessary to completely reduce the phenomena of oxidation of the body since they also participate in the elimination of degenerating cells, bacteria or toxic waste.

The truth is in the middle: fight against too much oxidation and avoid chronic oxidation, while maintaining our oxidative defense mechanisms.

Avoid chronic oxidation:

A healthy anti-aging diet can provide us with various antioxidants (berries, citrus fruits, colorful vegetables and fruits, etc.). Certain extracts of these plants and other substances naturally present in our body (such as glutathione, superoxide dismutase, etc.) can supplement our diet for a more consistent intake, if necessary. They are called antioxidant dietary supplements. In general, and if we want to get closer to the laws of nature, it is better to favor products combining different antioxidants (as they appear in our foods).

Maintain effective oxidative defense mechanisms

The simplest and the healthiest way to stay young is: exercising regularly. The health benefits of moderate exercise are numerous and studies have shown that muscle activity also creates positive “oxidative stress”, stimulating our defenses and oxygenating our tissues.

In some special cases, a doctor may recommend a specific antioxidant for a given period. See: Better understand antioxidants and free radicals.

Activate your telomerase enzyme to stay young

Our cells divide regularly to produce two new identical cells. This allows our tissues to constantly regenerate. Unfortunately, there comes a time when this cellular replication is damaged, or even almost more.DNA and telomeres to stay young

One of the explanations is that the chromosomes of the cell do not really replicate identically but would lose a small piece at their ends (the famous telomeres). After a while, the chromosomes become too poor to allow normal cell replication.

Fortunately, our body produces an enzyme that helps repair damaged chromosomes. How to activate it? With certain foods such as garlic, onion, yoga, reduced diet, etc. See to understand: telomerase and longevity.

Avoid running out of nutrients

It’s silly as cabbage but science has determined about thirty so-called “essential” nutrients that our body needs every day: a dozen vitamins and minerals, 7 amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids such as omega 3. People deficient in these nutrients are quite numerous in our modern societies where, however, food is in overabundance.

Adopt a diet varied, less refined and made of quality products is the basis. It is then possible to supplement it (if necessary, not at random!) with nutrient intakes (nutritional supplements) as we talk a lot about for vitamin D, magnesium or omega 3. Several studies have shown deficiencies in more 50% of people in some Western countries.

Eat less sugar

We have talked about it much less but the glycation reaction in our body is another big Quit sugar to stay youngmechanism related to aging, in particular to the loss of tissue flexibility after 40 years. It is favored by a high blood sugar level and therefore by the absorption of sugars in general and foods overcooked (brown, au gratin, caramelized, etc…). A study published in the “American Journal of Public Health” showed that 2 glasses of soda a day could accelerate aging by 4 to 6 years and shorten our telomeres.

Reducing sugars from our diet is easier than you think. Gradually, the cravings for sweet foods decrease, as soon as we begin to reduce the daily doses.

Stand straight !

We were told this enough during childhood. We now know that a good posture : head high, back straight, shoulders low, belly tucked in, fight against aging: reduction of cervical and shoulder osteoarthritis problems, improvement of blood circulation to the brain, better oxygenation, etc.

In addition, a silhouette that hunches, settles, invariably gives an older look (and tired, and depressed…). A straightened body, pulled back shoulders and a flat stomach evoke youth and form.

You have to think about it as often as possible: sitting at the desk, at the table, walking, etc… then it becomes a habit, very positive for looking younger but also for your health.

Make love Not War

Make loveThose who have sex more than twice a week have half the mortality rate of those who have sex less than once a week (this would also work with the number of orgasms).

People who devote themselves to others live longer. Socializing and seeing a lot of people (friends) improves life expectancy (see in this article). Likewise, those who give and receive hugs and affection have better immunity and less risk of cancer.

Conversely, aggressive attitudes promote cardiovascular disease.

Eat less to stay young

This isn’t really new, and calorie restriction has long been shown to help you stay young longer and increase telomere length.

More recently, it has been shown that protein restriction alone (less protein per day) was at least as effective (ME Lévine, Valter Longo, etc.) as calorie restriction. Eating less meat would rather be a guarantee of longevity, especially if you are sedentary.

The researchers also saw that short-term youth (16 to 24 hours) also had an action on the repair and regeneration of our cells (and therefore our body). They stimulate thecellular autophagy for true cell rejuvenation. They are not very difficult to put into practice since it is enough to skip the evening meal or the breakfast to pass 16 hours without food.

It has been shown that with the same diet that was too rich and too fatty and sweet, mice that ate only for 8 hours a day developed very little diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular and liver disease compared to those that ate the same daily quantity but distributed over 24 hours (see the virtues of intermittent fasting).

Finally, Professor Valter Longo showed an improvement in longevity with a diet that mimics the effects of fasting and practicable several days a month. In our friends the mice, it has been shown to produce stem cells, regenerate new cells, improve health and extend lifespan (V. Longo 2015). In humans, trials have already shown that this diet (about 12% protein, 42% carbohydrates and 45% good fats) can reduce risk markers for age-related diseases after just three months, at 5 days per month. To be continued…

Think positive, it keeps you young

Optimists live longer than pessimists. Similarly, it has been shown that those who do not make a mountain of small problems make up the centenarians. Managing stress and learning to have a positive attitude are anti-aging weapons.

the yoga or qi gong are very interesting practices that combine a meditative attitude with moderate muscular exercise. Many studies have shown that they slow aging, reduce the impact of age-related diseases and help you stay young.

Here are, among many others, 9 everyday actions that are easy to implement and accessible to everyone to stay young for a long time. Do not deprive yourself of them, they can only be beneficial.

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