5 simple rules to stimulate the elimination of toxins

5 simple rules to stimulate the elimination of toxins

1. Drink more water to eliminate more toxins

Drink, eliminate! It’s simple as hello. You have natural elimination functions that you just have to activate.

For your kidneys to work well, you must first drink enough (water above all!). Otherwise, the renal drainage will hurt. There is no need, on the other hand, to drink several liters of water a day if you are not thirsty. One liter to 1.5 liters between meals seems fine for most people. Some need 2 or even 3 liters of water a day.

Don’t expect everything from your kidneys to get rid of your toxins. Often people think that eliminating toxins means taking diuretics. In reality, only water-soluble (water-soluble) toxins are eliminated by the kidneys. The others (liposoluble), soluble in fatty substances, are eliminated mainly in the bile secreted by the liver and then evacuated in the stools, by the intestine. The kidney is therefore not the main organ for the elimination of toxins (it is rather the liver) but activating kidney function is important and easy.
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2. Large intestine: food, fibers and flora

It is obvious that the intestine is an important emunctory for our toxins provided that its transit is regular. It is therefore necessary to avoid constipation and to have a bowel movement every day. During the detox, it is often customary to activate it a little. Some even do “purges” where the stool becomes almost liquid. The best known are Epson salts (sulphite of soda), magnesium chloride or senna, buckthorn… for plants.

For the colon to function properly, it needs the correct plant fiber load. We are often lacking in fibre. It is therefore necessary to eat good quantities of vegetables, legumes and fruits every day. We usually don’t eat enough of it. Also, it is necessary to favor unrefined foods. In particular for products derived from cereals, the “complete” or “integral” versions must be used (flour, breads, pasta, rice, etc.)…
see ‘intestinal flora and functions of the colon

3. Move and sweat

Physical exercise and walking in particular activate intestinal transit. On the other hand, muscle movements activate blood and lymphatic circulation. Thus, the evacuation of metabolic waste is facilitated by this better circulation in the body. In addition, if you move enough, perspiration helps to evacuate certain toxins in the sweat (you will then have to drink water to compensate for this loss).

So have regular physical activity and get some air, which will improve your oxygenation, just as useful during a period of detoxification. To learn more about sports and physical activities that are beneficial with age, see ‘exercise and anti-aging’

4. Breathing is also eliminating

The lung is also an organ of elimination (for example for certain volatile acids). It is enough to smell certain breaths of the aftermath of parties or people with liver disease to realize that you can eliminate your toxins through your lungs too!

Breathing exercises teach us to breathe well, which we have often forgotten in our too sedentary life. In particular, yoga (from Ayurveda) teaches and makes extensive use of the techniques of ” pranayama“. These are controlled breathing exercises, in a given posture, very effective on many ailments. These ancestral exercises have been taken up under other names in the West. Scientists have noted the health benefits.

The improvement in blood oxygen levels and circulation in our small vessels that they provide will also promote detoxification and the performance of our organs.

5. Getting enough sleep is more important than you think

Sleep is part of our lifestyle, it is often abused these days. This is a period when the body promotes its tissue elimination-repair mechanisms. During sleep, the vagal nervous system predominates. Unlike the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) activated by stress, the vagal (or parasympathetic) system acts when the body feels safe and can relax. It will then use the energy available for digestion, repair, tissue manufacturing (anabolism) and… the elimination of its toxins.

Sleeping long enough (7 to 9 hours on average) is therefore very important, and too often neglected, to help the body detoxify and to be in good shape in general.
see ‘sleep and health

Here are already some simple rules to put into practice but essential to help your body get rid of the toxins that clutter it. Then there are herbs and natural remedies also capable of stimulating your organs of elimination (also called emunctories) and which can activate the process.

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