5 rules to keep beautiful facial volumes

5 rules to keep beautiful facial volumes

The volumes of the face, and in particular those which change with age, are:

  • the cheekbones
  • cheeks
  • the oval of the face in its lower part
  • the lips
  • the temples
  • the bulge of the forehead
  • the chin…

They almost all have a tendency to flatten and hollow out, or to loosen or even thicken for the oval.

1. Avoid “yoyo” weight gain and loss

Fat shapes most of the reliefs and shapes that outline your face. Each variation in your weight (more or less) will affect these volumes greasy that will change, and alter your face. In addition, significant weight gain will tend to stretch the skin, but when it relaxes with weight loss, excess skin will remain.

For example, a double chin that sets in with weight gain will usually lead to loose, saggy skin under the chin, if that weight is subsequently lost.

Of course, the face tends to round out as it grows, and it generally becomes less marked since the skin is rather “tightened” by the increase in volume, but that is no longer your real face, not to mention the health problems. possible with excess weight. The ideal is therefore to keep your weight in shape, and above all, to keep calm on this point.

2. Take care of your digestive assimilation and avoid
nutrient deficiencies

Poor intestinal assimilation of nutrients essential to your body can mark the face. These absorption problems generally accompany persistent digestive disorders and they are noted, in particular, at the level of the cheekbones which are hollow under the eyes, forming what is called “the valley of tears”. On the other hand, the complexion of the face in general, will dull.

Certain micronutrient deficiencies will be particularly harmful to your face. These are, in particular, silica (our absorption of silicon decreases with age), vitamin C, magnesium, zinc… which are important for our production of collagen.

We can also make contributions of micronutrients intended to densify the connective tissue, and adapted to each person.

Antioxidants and antiglycating agents can also be helpful. Glycation (mainly linked to sugars and overcooking) is a major phenomenon in the loosening of the skin and its loss of suppleness. Prolonged and/or excessive oxidation and inflammation also cause damage to our subcutaneous tissues and our more superficial skin. Read our corresponding articles to learn how to combat these two phenomena linked to aging.

To tell the truth, these measures are mainly preventive but, even if your facial volumes are very damaged and you have recourse to volumizing corrective treatments (by filler injections), take this into account for better and more lasting results.

3. Maintain your hormonal ground

Significant drops in hormone levels can be seen and mark a face. For example, the cheeks (or even the whole face) tend to become hollow in the lack of cortisol. Lips and cheekbones are less fleshy when the estrogen are falling. The features sag with the decrease in l‘growth hormonethe skin slackens after the menopause, etc…

doctor hormones for skinYou can have this checked at an analytical laboratory. There are simple and natural treatment options (especially with plants and foods) to maintain or raise your hormonal levels.

I’muscle activity also raises the levels of many hormones.

4. Maintain your skin regularly

Most people take little care of their skin on a daily basis. Some think it’s useless. Others do it wrong, and use unsuitable products or treatments…

There is obviously no result in a few days as after an injection of hyaluronic acid for example. However, a well chosen cosmetic (simple, natural and adapted) and above all, applied regularly and over time can give excellent results.

facial careIn addition, these products can provide nutrients directly to the skin (such as silica, vitamin A or E, active ingredients (such as certain aromatic essences) or even natural hormones such as DHEA or progesterone…

It is not uncommon to see patients’ faces much improved after 6 months of home-made cosmetic treatments associated with hormonal field treatment.

Exfoliating treatments are also often useful, combined with a nourishing and protective serum or cream.

The use of certain vegetable oils and essential oils in daily massages is very interesting (argan oil, coconut, jojoba… and essences of geranium, rose, rosehip, immortelle, tea tree, sage…). Oils and essences should be chosen according to each person’s skin and constitution to have better effects. Such preparations remain free of any preservative or chemical like “paraben”, and are very inexpensive.

Aloe vera is also very useful, moisturizing, protective, antioxidant and nutritious for the skin. To be used without moderation.

Ayurvedic cosmetics is particularly interesting in this regard: organic well before its time, and with a few thousand years of experience. Suffice to say that she had the time to test all these products.

5. Maintain good physical and mental shape

The face is a reflection of your shape. Health problems can be read there, both physically and psychologically. A relaxed and smiling face will keep its volumes at the top of the face longer and will sag less quickly. The smile is a natural facelift and a remedy for many ailments.

In the same spirit, the facial gymnastics helps maintain facial volume despite advancing age. It helps to delay the sagging of the lower face thanks to a more solid muscular suspension of the skin, and also to maintain its firmness.

Thus, a healthy lifestyle prevents health problems as well as moderate but regular physical activity. In addition, this muscle activity promoting hormone levels, as we have seen, will also tend to improve the appearance of your face in its forms.

Nowadays, people want to get results fast and if possible, effortlessly. It’s a shame because, in aesthetics, this could have led to excesses where the treatments made faces… unsightly, even deformed, often swollen or puffy.

It is however possible to act with moderation, and to use what each technique has of good while avoiding excesses and respecting the natural. Most often, the different treatments and techniques are not contradictory but rather complementary, if they are used wisely and in moderation.

As for aesthetic medical techniques to correct these volumes, you will find them here

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