5 habits to adopt to live 10 years longer

5 habits to adopt to live 10 years longer

Lifestyle to live longer

In a study from the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health*, researchers demonstrated that healthy habits lifestyle could strongly influence longevity.

In fact, it turns out that 5 simple actions lengthen, on average, the life of women by 14 years and that of men by 12 years. In addition, they reduce the cardiovascular risk by 82% and the risk of declaring cancer by 65%.

To find out, scientists compared groups of populations with different lifestyles for around thirty years. Here is the secret revealed by this study. Healthy longevity habits are:

  1. have a healthy diet
  2. exercise regularly (30 minutes a day)
  3. maintain a normal weight
  4. moderate consumption of alcohol
  5. no smoking.

It seems obvious, of course, but for those who doubted it, here is the scientific evidence to support it. Nothing surprising in fact and those who expected special or sophisticated practices, reserved for a few great initiates, are perhaps a little disappointed.

Curious Longevity Habits

This study has the merit of bringing us back to reality. We have been able to read recently, in the media, the longevity secrets of some centenarians. One drinks 3 sodas a day, the other eats bacon, the other a lot of sweets, so-and-so drinks whiskey and smokes a few cigarettes…

As for our famous Jeanne Calmant, having reached the venerable age of 122, she regularly consumed olive oil, chocolate and a few cigarettes.

One case should not be generalized. Apart from surprising us, this kind of article does not bring much on the scientific level. Let’s not forget that everyone’s genetics count for a lot and that each case is unique.

The good news is that it is clear that the hygiene of life strongly influences our health and our longevity. According to the findings of theepigeneticsit would even count 2 times more than our genetic heritage hereditary. Clearly: even with a heredity predisposing to not very good health or not having a very long life, it is possible to improve all that with a healthy lifestyle.

Also of note in this study:

  • that it concerns Americans which basically have a lower life expectancy compared to most other industrialized countries
  • that they often have (for those who don’t care) poor eating habits, the impact of which in terms of obesity is well known.

These results are therefore applicable to Americans. They would perhaps be less spectacular for Europeans but certainly just as significant.

You can find on our site what to guide you towards a healthy diet, lots of lifestyle advice and many other tips to gain years of healthy life. All you have to do is apply them…

Knowing is good, doing it is better.

And you, does this speak to you?

*see Harvard study: https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/

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