4 elements of psychology that improve longevity

4 elements of psychology that improve longevity

We talk a lot about diet and physical activity as factors of longevity. According to a study published in the journal Health Psychologythe psychological aspect would also be very important to live longer.

Optimism, joy, well-beingThis study covers a large sample of 21,172 subjects over the age of 50, followed for 14 years where researchers regularly noted the psychological aspect of people’s well-being, and studied the correlation with the appearance or not of disorders. health issues that can affect their longevity.

In their conclusions, the scientists highlight 4 factors that seem to be linked to a longer and healthier life. These are 4 psychological factors.

Have a clear life purpose

This clearly defined objective would be the most determining factor on the longevity of the subjects studied. “How people feel about how their lives are going matters to their health and survival”, says Jennifer Boylan who conducted the research. Knowing what you want to live or achieve in your life helps you live longer.


It had already been found that optimism made people live longer, about 10 to 15% longer (PNAS 2019). The present study confirms these results. It seems that the higher the level, the more canonical ages one would reach.

The search of happyness

To be interested in what happiness is and to seek to install it in one’s life would also be a factor of long life. This point had been anticipated in another study from 2018.

Caring and supportive relationships with others

Acting for the well-being of others and/or receiving support from others finally promotes longevity, even if this factor is less decisive than the 3 previous ones.

Thus over the years, the state of well-being is the opposite of mortality, concludes this study.

One might have suspected that well-being would go more in the direction of health, already knowing the devastating effects of chronic stress or degraded psychological states. If we had to be convinced, here is a study that scientifically shows this fact.

The major problem of our modern societies is that these positive factors are today increasingly neglected in our way of life, where these healthy, even fundamental values ​​are replaced by others, often more futile.

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