10 little habits to adopt to stay young

10 little habits to adopt to stay young

1. Switch off your smartphone at night

Sleeping well is essential to preserve your brain capacity. “Sleep is a time of rest, but also of repair for the brain”, explains Dr. Christophe de Jaeger.

However, smartphones encourage us to stay connected until late hours, which overheats the brain. Turn off your laptop or switch it to airplane mode in the evening.

2. Walk around at lunchtime

Walking 30 minutes during the lunch break relaxes and boosts morale(Scandinavian journal of medicine and science in sportsJanuary 6, 2015).

“A pleasant walk clears the mind. Stress being a factor of pathologies, it accelerates ageing. If, in addition, you walk fast, you improve your cardiac capacity, strengthen your muscles and your bones and reduce your risk of diabetes,” emphasizes Dr. de Jaeger.

3. Season your dishes with red pepper

Some 14% more life expectancy! This is achieved by mice in which pain receptors have been blocked with capsaicin, a compound in chili peppers (Cell, May 22, 2014). Of course, we are not mice, and chilli is not always well tolerated.

But red, yellow or orange fruits and vegetables contain pigments that signify the presence of antioxidants. Gold, “Oxidative stress is one of the parameters of ageing, said Dr. de Jaeger. The important thing is to eat a variety of foods, to regain a taste for cooking, to choose the most natural foods possible and to enjoy eating. »

4. Build muscle while brushing your teeth

Back to the wall, belly flat, legs bent so that the thighs are perpendicular to the legs: do the “chair” for two minutes while brushing your teeth. This little exercise, proposed by Véronique Schapiro-Chatenay in her book Micro gym, special for busy women! (ed. Larousse, €7.90) strengthens the thighs.

As you age, muscle tends to melt away in favor of fat.“Less muscle is more risk of metabolic diseases, immune problems and falls in older people”, observes Dr. de Jaeger.

Sport is the best way to build muscle, but walking briskly or climbing stairs are also effective solutions. “Daily exercise can have a real impact on muscle capacity. »

5. Stop sweetening your coffee

“Excess sugar causes a kind of caramelization in the body called glycation. It is one of the major elements of aging. Diabetes is the archetype of glycation: it damages the arteries, the brain, the eyes, the kidneys…”, said Dr. de Jaeger.

The WHO also recommends reducing your daily consumption of added sugar to a maximum of 50 grams, or about ten teaspoons.

6. Invest in a connected watch

The Apple Watch has arrived on the market. This watch acts as a pedometer, displays your heart rate, calculates the calories burned… Without going so far as to pay a minimum of 400 €, today we find different bracelets connected with health applications (Vivofit, from Garmin, Fuelband SE, from Nike +, Pulsense PS 100, from Epson…).

“These are fun objects that can help you better understand how your body works. But they don’t have the precision of medical equipment,” says Dr. de Jaeger.

7. Get along well with neighbors

Having good neighborly relations reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Researchers came to this conclusion after following 5,000 people for four years (Journal of epidemiology and community healthAugust 18, 2014).

8. Treat yourself to a seamstress ribbon

This accessory will allow you to measure your waistline.

“As you age, the increase in abdominal circumference, measured at the level of the navel, reflects the accumulation of fat around the viscera. However, this fatty mass is very toxic and correlated with coronary heart disease. It is a reflection of what we eat, our physical activity and our hormonal balance,” said Dr. de Jaeger.

We’re talking aboutabdominal obesity when the waist circumference is greater than 88 cm in women and 102 cm in men.

9. Walk the dog more often

Dog owners are more physically active than average. Walking Médor would save ten years of life in good health (preventative medicineJune 12, 2014).

Dr. de Jaeger sees another advantage in this: “The dog is an element of sociability. It forces you to go out, and allows you to meet people. It creates exchanges and, in this, it is a real anti-stress. »

10. Do not drink alcohol every day

A glass of wine in the evening, why not? But, for Dr. de Jaeger, “there is no point in drinking wine every day. Yes, wine contains resveratrol which hasstrong antioxidant activity. But the quantity contained in two glasses is insufficient. As for sugar and alcohol, other components of wine, they have more disadvantages than before.floors. »

In addition, an Inserm study has shown that men who drink more than three glasses of alcohol a day lose their memory, attention and reasoning abilities more quickly (NeurologyJanuary 15, 2014).

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