#1 Dermaroller Collagen Induction Therapy – A Complete Guide – Anti-Aging

#1 Dermaroller Collagen Induction Therapy – A Complete Guide – Anti-Aging

Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) is proven to be one of the most successful ways to naturally increase your collagen production with the help of a derma roller. This therapy was also effective in improving scars, enlarged pores, cellulite and stretch marks.

Before you start using a skin needle roller, it’s best to understand how it works, how it works, and your available options. In this article, we will cover all of these aspects so that you can make an informed decision and reap the full benefits of collagen induction therapy.

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What is collagen induction therapy microneedling?

Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure that uses skin needle rollers to apply gentle pressure to the face or other treatment area. The rollers’ tiny needles pierce the top layer of skin to activate the wound-healing response and naturally stimulate collagen production.

Also known as collagen induction therapy, this treatment allows a new layer of skin to form after the damaged skin has been shaded. Microneedling treatments trigger the body’s natural process to release collagenase around the wound, which helps the skin repair itself and become smoother. According to studies, skin needling accelerates collagen production by up to 1,000% in just one procedure.

The new collagen and elastin production will help improve various skin conditions and reduce fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars. It also gives your skin a natural and healthy glow.

percutaneous collagen induction therapy

How to perform percutaneous collagen induction therapy?

Microneedling can be performed with a derma roller. When using the device on your skin’s surface, it must be held almost parallel to the skin and applied with little pressure. Gently move the roller in one direction across the treatment area to ensure you penetrate the skin evenly.

To ensure the correct use of the derma roller, Anti-Aging has prepared a full video tutorial on the product page – Hypoallergenic Derma Roller. All Anti-Aging products also come with full instructions and ongoing support.

The quality of the skin needle roller is crucial when performing the treatment. Choosing a cheaper version will not give you the results you want as they are simply not made according to scientific principles and proper technology.

Our derma rollers have strong and sharper needles to ensure you get the best results. We use 0.30mm diameter needles (this is not the length) which will withstand a year of use before being replaced, while most scooters use 0.15mm wide spikes which are replaced after the first month Need to become.

Side effects of collagen induction therapy?

In general, there are few to no side effects depending on the procedure performed, skin condition, and quality of product used. Minor skin irritation and tightness after treatment have been reported, but most of these are normal and will resolve shortly.

The redness that occurs after dermarolling is a sign that the natural process of healing and collagen induction has begun. A CIT treatment is contraindicated in the case of: irritated skin, active acne, chronic skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema, etc.), open wounds and a high tendency to scars. If you are undergoing or have recently had radiation or chemotherapy, microneedling is not recommended for you.

What you can do to prevent other side effects like nickel allergy is to use hypoallergenic derma rollers. All Anti-Aging derma rollers are hypoallergenic and metal free. Avoid buying imitations that are non-sterile and may cause skin complications.

Can you do collagen induction therapy at home?

Yes, CIT treatments can be performed by yourself at home. Before microneedling, be sure to read and follow the application recommendations such as selecting the right needle length and product quality, cleaning the skin before application and only light pressure, then using the appropriate serum.

Microneedling practiced at home can be just as effective as in clinics. To get the same results, you need to carefully choose the right size and quality of needles. Usually, people tend to buy derma rollers with too large a needle size for anti-aging purposes, which can damage the skin (by penetrating too deeply).

Our clinical experience has shown that 0.5mm sharp needles (insert product link) give the best results. Dermarolling with 0.5mm needles is performed deep enough to stimulate collagen production without damaging the skin.

collagen induction therapy uk

Collagen induction therapy before and after

Collagen induction begins almost 48 hours after treatment. The results are gradually visible between 3 and 12 weeks, while the new collagen lasts 5 to 7 years. Your skin looks smoother and the signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles are reduced.

The images showing the appearance of the skin before and after microneedling prove the undeniable benefits of this treatment. In addition to reducing age spots, CIT can support hyperpigmentation by encouraging the skin to regenerate and produce large amounts of collagen.

Consent form for collagen induction therapy

When carrying out a microneedling treatment in clinics, the patient must sign a declaration of consent. The document describes the procedure, contraindications and possible side effects and risks that the recipient is exposed to during therapy. Please read it carefully before signing it.

A consent form will help you understand if the process is right for you and what to expect from it.

Collagen Induction Therapy UK

The most important aspects to look for when purchasing a skin needling device are quality (material, sterilization, etc.), brand reliability, and product specifications (needle size, allergens, etc.). These qualities make the difference between great results and harmful consequences.

You might be tempted to choose a cheaper product, but if you take a closer look you’ll see that it doesn’t meet any of the required criteria for safety and efficiency as you will find in our rolling equipment.

collagen induction therapy microneedling

The Anti-Aging CIT Collagen Induction Therapy treatments

Our skin needle rollers offer unmatched quality and innovation in the field. Anti-Aging’ specialized products stand for more than a decade of experience, thousands of satisfied customers and hundreds of professional clinics. They are designed to treat various conditions and skin areas.

If you are on a journey to improve your skin’s health and aesthetics, Anti-Aging is here to help you cross the deep sea and achieve your goals. We have developed premium products for natural, non-invasive skin needling treatments that, when performed appropriately, have no side effects.

Unlike most brands that think one product is good enough for all skin types and conditions, Anti-Aging offers different products to meet the needs of our customers.

Our microneedling tools offer different needle sizes of 0.25mm, 0.5mm, 1.0mm for you to choose from to treat your specific condition. Alternatively, we offer Collagen Induction Therapy Kits which contain organic serums alongside the rollers to help you maximize the results of the treatments.

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